• Hello and Welcome!
  • Through natural metaphysical gifts, Michelle can transcend physical matter and the laws of nature by tapping into other worldly realms.


Feel Safe and Supported in Your Reading

Many of us are searching for peace, prosperity, love, inner joy and comfort. As a Medium and Clairvoyant, it is my pleasure to connect clients with their own personal spirit guides, deceased loved ones, and often with ascended masters who wish to offer healing messages from beyond.

Answers are what every individual seeks, and I am pleased to be able to bring the answers you seek from your team in the spirit world!   

As an intuitive and empath, I sense and feel the emotions, thoughts and energy of my clients directly. This enables me to provide readings with sensitivity, empathy, and compassion, so you can relax in the knowledge that the information you receive will be for your highest good and will never harm you. I love taking this journey with my clients, supporting them gently through moments of great vulnerability in their lives. I help clients to resolve both long-standing issues and current crises, while learning to trust that the universe is supporting them in their journey.

A special message to all from the Spirits who love and guide us:

Take time to follow your own denote.

Follow your Heart.

It is your guide.